Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nourishing Your Creativity

I just wanted to share this entry from the Etsy Blog - 365 Projects - Creating Every Day For A Year. It is so important to stay active (in many ways) and keep thinking. Keep doing. Keep making. It's easy to get lazy - hi, I work two jobs! I'm tired! But for my health and sanity and tingly warm fuzzy feelings about myself, I need to DO and I need to DO things outside of what I do at work. Doing it every day is a lofty goal when that isn't what you do for money, but it's worth a try. I find that even committing to just one thing a week keeps me feeling really accomplished a proud of myself.


*** Erin

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Sewing Studio

Two weekends ago (I know, I'm super late with this. Last week threw me a curve ball.) I took a beginner sewing class at The Sewing Studio. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but have put it off because, honestly, taking a sewing class isn't cheap. However, I found an amazing Groupon deal for a $35 class - the normal price is $75 for a two hour beginner's course. I snatched it up and, thanks to my wonderful instructor, succeeded in creating the ugliest zippered bag in creation!

I have to say, I really underestimated the attention and detail that goes into using a sewing machine. I am good with my hands and generally take to new skills and crafts with ease, which is why I didn't think any of going to my 10 AM Sunday class after getting a little crazy the previous evening. Whoops! My hands and I? Great. Machinery and I? Not as much. I forgot a key point about my brain and its workings in this plan - I need time to get used to machinery of pretty much any kind. Therefore, this sewing class was really overwhelming to dive into with my baby hangover.

But I managed! After a few more lessons I feel like I will be a lot more comfortable.

We worked on Janome machines.

I kept forgetting to put the stupid foot down....

First stitch!

I think the zipper is what made the class so difficult. Having my bag actually function, zipping and unzipping, was a huge relief and accomplishment.

My bag!

*** Erin