Monday, January 2, 2012

Post Holidays Gift Reveal

I have been dying to post pics of my Christmas projects, but obviously I had to keep them to myself until they were all received and opened. I choose a new project (or two in this case) every year to give to loved ones as gifts. A few years ago it was sock creatures (which I learned how to make from the Stupid Sock Creatures book on this website.) Last year I mounted some of the prints taken with my Holga to plywood squares that I stained and used textured paper to frame them. This year, I embroidered socks, among other things, with vulgar words and phrases (hi, have we met?) and made jewelry.

Socks for Mom and Dad - Mrs. McBitch (as called by some of her adoring students) and Morry the Moron.

Dad is golf ready

I know this word is a bit taboo and often used in very nasty ways, but I believe in a loving use of it. Any word can be awful if you choose to make it that way and the same rule applies for making any word wonderful. These are for my roommate, Mikey, and he loves them. He wore them Christmas night to Follies - his third time seeing it. Clearly, I'm right on the money with these babies. :)

Also for Mikey. We have a very open and loving relationship. He also got some dress socks that have "Eat Shit" written in a lovely pink.

This went to J-Griff (Jennifer Griffin) who I studied abroad with in Paris.

When Mom was here for Thanksgiving she mentioned that wanted a chunky black necklace, so I made her a full set! 

The earrings might be a bit too much for her, but I'm very happy with how the other two pieces turned out. I used a polyester bead cord on the necklace and bracelet instead of the silk I had been using and, though I'm not sure if it will hold up as well, it was much much easier to knot and adjust as needed.

For the gifts that I didn't make, I shopped 100% small business and 100% local. My Dad got an at home beer brewing kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop that was a big hit. My sister, Caitlin, got a necklace with a tiny pocket knife from the $hanna Na$h booth at Artists and Fleas and a beautiful pair of rosewood earrings from a booth at The {New New} Holiday Handmade Calvacade. I have misplaced the business card from this purchase (idiot!), but I'll update with the proper information when I find it. 

Not to worry, Caitlin got socks, too and she will get her big handmade gift for her Birthday in a few months. :)

Whether you are particularly crafty or not, even the smallest item that you have made yourself speaks volumes about your affection for someone. They feel great receiving the gift, and you feel extremely proud to have made it and have it be a success. If jewelry or needlework, etc. is too daunting, just remember that the mix tape became a cliche for a reason - it's an awesome thing to put together for someone and anyone can do it!

Happy post holiday season and a very happy start to 2012!

*** Erin

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