Thursday, November 3, 2011

79th Street Greenmarket

I know, I know.... how many markets can there possibly be?! And does Erin McBride do anything else??? Yes, in fact, I do many other things, however, this is one of my favorite activities.

Thus, we begin again.

This Greenmarket is on Columbus Avenue between 78th and 81st Streets. Right across the street from the Greenflea that I wrote about a little while ago. Usually, it's all local farmers - food based. But on October 16th it was filled with local artists! I didn't even know that it was going to be that way - I was having brunch with one of my favorite gays, Jon Olds, and his other gays (it was a grand gay affair) at Calle Ocho - unlimited sangrias and awesome food - and we were walking toward the subway at Broadway and 79th. I saw the market from across the street and I had to go.

It was particularly fun and interesting because it was full of vendors I've never seen before. Here's a list of the best ones and what they do:

Arza Design - super awesome handbags

Designs By Alicia P. - some of the most unique pieces of jewelry I've ever seen

alternative Art - really neat photo art

Meghan Patrice Riley - this one was one of my particular favorites. Beautiful pieces.

Paz Sintes - really beautiful lacework jewelry

Do we like posts like this? Yes? No?

Holla at a boo. I'd love the feedback.

*** Erin

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