Friday, November 18, 2011

Dekalb Market

Two weeks ago my friend, Alex, and I went to the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn. I LOVED it! It was so cool. Little cubicles stacked on top of each and painted bright colors, food, jewelry, art, bags, beer. And it's open seven days a week. I'm stoked to keep going back.

My faves -

Corvus Noir - I love love love my new earrings! A lot of other really neat things at this shop, too. Lots of feathers and sparkly shiny goodness.

Travis the Chimp - I loved these girls! Love their website, too. The have a lot of really fun stuff. All of the little art pieces are super quirky and I dig it. Also, they were so excited about the blog mention! I felt very flattered. Sorry for the wait, ladies. :)

I also had a delicious maple pecan french toast cupcake at Robicelli's and got to see my new friend Serena who I mentioned in my post about the Hester Street Fair. She was kind enough to let me know she would be there so I could swing by and say hi. 

*** Erin

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