Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hester Street Fair

On our day of adventures (that my last two entries have been about, it was so busy!) Jessica and I also made a quick stop at the Hester Street Fair, open every Saturday. I went once before and knew that it was small enough to conquer in an hour, so we bolted downtown from Union Square to the Lower East Side on foot and saw the sights before a movie.

It's really adorable. Definitely go if you haven't been.

Our favorite shop that day was adornments NYC. We both bought earrings that we're pretty much obsessed with. Mine are red and turquoise, a color combo I can't enough of. The red is an old mancala piece. When the vendor told me they were the last pair, I sucked it up and forked over my precious $26. I needed them. Also, that's the last personal, not necessary purchase I will be making for a very long time, so it needed to be good.

And it was.

You can actually get a pair like Jessica's on the Etsy shop. There is a link to it on the website linked above.

Other shops we loved:

RUBELLA jewelry - so antique looking and we loved the display on the mirror

Cam ci Cam ca - loved the dual necklace/headbands

Serena - that's a feather blowing on that ring!

Yeah, so super fun day. Cute market, friendly people, yummy food (kimchi and ice cream sandwiches!) and it's right in the middle of China Town, so you can grab a bubble tea to boot!

*** Erin

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  1. Aw- thanks so much for the blog feature - so glad you both like your earrings so much! The Hester Street Fair is sadly now closed for the winter, but I'll definitely be back there when it reopens in the Spring...


    Martin - Adornments NYC